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We supply key blanks for classic vehicles. Whether you consider your car a classic, vintage, or antique, or is British, Italian, French, German, Asian or American, we can help you get the keys you need.

We stock keys for cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and even some boats and airplanes, some of which are no longer manufactured anywhere. We have keys to fit vehicles manufactured as far back as the 1920s.

In many cases we may even have the original key that was supplied with your vehicle. We also have period aftermarket blanks for many of those vehicles for which we can't supply an original part. In some cases, we've even used our CNC equipment to manufacture keys that are just not available.

If you have your key code, we can also cut most keys we supply to fit your vehicle. If you don't have your key code, we can give advice on where to look for it.

We can even fit a key to your lock if you send it to us. See our "Lock Services".

If you need help, use our key information request form. We can help find the right keys, and forward links to our catalog pages for keys we have for your application. Use our online shopping cart system to look through or purchase the keys we stock.

At last count we had more than 31,000 keys in stock, and our inventory is constantly changing. If we don't have what you want right now, we can notify you if we should come across it in the future.

Please take a look at some of our sample pages. If you'd like to make any comments or corrections to what we've presented feel free to e-mail us at

Also, we're always looking for stocks of old keys for imports, and any additional application information we can get. If you know of anything, let us know!

Please be aware that while we offer keys, key cutting and some other services, we do not sell locks, and we do not operate a storefront.

We accept payment exclusively through PayPal. This allows you to use your credit card or PayPal account for payment.
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