Re-Keying & Servicing classic or vintage locks
We have parts for many old locks, and even those we don't have parts for we still have the ability to make keys to fit them. If you need a lock repaired, key made to fit a lock, or are even looking for a particular lock, let us know and we'll be happy to tell you what we can and give you a quote on the work.

We have in house 3D design capabilities, as well as a desktop CNC milling machine and two 3D printers. This gives us the ability to come up with custom solutions or make parts that may not be available any longer.

We've also got complete electronic design capabilities, including PC boards, microcontroller programming and anything you might think of if you require something special for your ride. We've used these to design alarm systems, monitors and instrument systems for classic vehicles

If you have a special need, you can email us and we'll offer what help we can. Please send the details of your car, locks and a description of what you'd like done to Photos are always a help.