Finding the correct key blank for your vehicle can sometimes be difficult, but there are a number of ways to proceed.

The easiest way is if you already have a key. You can take the number on the key and enter it into our serach engine. You can note all of the information on the key and send it to us. You could even take digital photos of the key and send it.

The best way is to find the code for the lock in your car. The code specifies the key blank to use. Using the code, you can identify the correct key blank, even if someone has substituted something else over the years.

The code can be printed on your current keys, on the lock, in the owners manual, or somewhere else in the vehicle.

It's also possible to contact the original manufacturer of the vehicle and get the code from them. The Mercedes Classic Center offers this for classic Mercedes cars and the British Motor Heritage Trust offers this service for many British made vehicles. Talks to other owners of your type of vehicle and see if they know more.

However, sometimes the code is just not available.

If you can't find the code, you can send us what information you do have, and we'll try to help.

Information that will help would be:

The make, model and date of build of your vehicle.
Any numbers on your current keys or stamped into or printed on your locks.
Digital pictures or scans of your keys sent to us by e-mail (don't use a flash, use good lighting and lie the keys flat).
Digital pictures of the key slot inthe lock.

You might also talk to other people or members of your club who have similar vehicles.