NOS means New-Old Stock. It basically refers to old parts that have never been used. In the case of keys, it's easy to tell that they've never been used, because usually they've never been cut. A great many of the keys we stock are NOS, even the aftermarket blanks. That's because many of them are either no longer made, or special order.

NOS does not mean that keys are original for your car! Keys made 10 years ago may be called NOS, even though the car they fit was made 50 years ago. Keys made by a company that never had anything to do with the manufacturer of your car could be NOS. NOS is good if you can't get original keys, but original (OEM) keys are best.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) keys can be kind of decieving. You would think that OEM keys would be the ones originally manufactured for your vehicle, and match the appearance of the oriignals. However, strictly speaking, that's not true.

Briggs & Stratton manufactured keys & locks from most of the cars made in the USA from the 1930s on. However, over time the appearance of the keys changed. The logo on the keys changed, and even the material of the keys changed at points. an OEM Briggs & Stratton key might not have the logo for the period your car was made.

Briggs & Stratton made keys for General Motors for all of it;s cars up through the 1990s. The period from 1935 to 1966 used the same type of key blank, but the look of the key changed after WWII. Now GM sells "OEM" blanks to fit these cars, but they're not original to any of them. They no longer carry the Briggs & Stratton logo or even the Rochester Products logo that was GMs in house manufacturer of keys.

If you're looking for original keys for your vehicle, it's important to know what the keys looked like. We can try to help with cars made in the USA, and have a wide variety or original blanks.