An OEM key blank is the type of key originally supplied with your vehicle. What those keys looked like could vary depending on the manufacturer and the year of the vehicle. Sometimes two or more companies made the key blanks that a manufacturer would supply. Briggs & Stratton, Yale and Hurd were among those who made original equipment keys for US car companies. Union, Sipea, Huff and others made OEM keys for European cars.

Aftermarket key blanks fall into what we think of as these 3 basic categories:

Replacement blanks - key blanks made by Ilco, Curtis, Taylor, and others that may have a shape like the original key, but weren't labeled the same. Yale, Hurd and Briggs & Stratton also made replacement keys.

Look alike blanks - key blanks made by Ilco, Curtis, Taylor, and others that are shaped and labeled to look identical to the original key. Some replacement blanks (Briggs & Stratton in particular) are also the OEM key blanks for some vehicles.

Crest key blanks - Decorative aftermarket blanks that could be gold or silver plated, and had some type of ornamental logo for either the vehicle manufacturer or some other company they were designed to promote.

For all practical purposes, look alike blanks are indistinguishable from OEM blanks. We sell both as OEM blanks, since both were made in the same period, and neither is any longer available from any manufacturer.

The vast majority of what we stock and sell are replacement blanks. For some cars this is the only way to go, since surviving examples of the OEM keys are either prohibitively expensive or unavailable.

The crest keys are pretty, but aren't original and were originally too expensive for daily use. We sometimes carry them when we get a good deal on them.

The quality of key blanks varies. While all of them will work, some look much better than others. Our stock contains a complete range of blanks, but we don't categorize them by quality. We sell the best quality keys first, working through our stock to the least quality keys last. You'll always get the best we have on hand.