How to Place an Order:

You can now shop for your keys directly using our online shopping cart. You can use the search feature to look at groups of keys by a descriptive keyword (like "Ford") and add the keys you want to your shopping cart. You can check out and pay using your credit card through our online credit card acceptance company or you can use your PayPal account.

At the bottom of each catalog page is an "add to cart" button. If you click on it, it will add one of the item to your shopping cart, and display the items in your shopping cart. If there is no button, it's because we're out of stock on that key. Most keys will also display a text box at the bottom for entering the code if we can cut those keys. Only enter a code if you're certain that you have a valid code. The best way is to check with us by e-mail first.

Please note that the aftermarket (non-OEM) keys supplied may vary from the catalog images shown. In general, the shapes of the keys will be the same, but details of the key may be different, and the key may be from any manufacturer.

At the shopping cart display, you can change the number of items to either increase or decrease the number in the cart. When you're done, You can either return to the search menu (the "Continue Shopping" button) or click on other links we may have provided. You can then repeat the process for additional items. Your shopping cart will be maintained as long as you don't exit your browser.

When you're done adding items to your cart, there's a "go to checkout" button at the bottom of the shopping cart page. After you click on it, you will need to completely fill out your shipping information on the checkout page. When you've completed that, you click on the "purchase" button. This will end up displaying an invoice for your total including shipping charges. Print a copy of this for your records.

At the bottom of this page are "Pay with Credit/Debit" and "Pay with PayPal" buttons. Pressing either button will take you to the PayPal secure payment site where you can pay using either a credit card or your PayPal account. For your security, we neither take nor store any credit card information on our site. PayPal is a secure site, and your browser should indicate that. If you're not sure, look at the web page address. If it starts with https:, then you're on the correct page.

Orders are shipped by first class mail, usually on the next weekend after being placed. We can't give delivery times, first class mail varies from order to order, but it's usually from 1 to 3 days inside the USA.

This is a part time business, so we're no available to take phone calls or return them.

We can not accept credit card payments by phone, or email, or any payments by mail, sorry!

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